Doc's Daily Sudoku
    The puzzles presented here are not interactive.  The are intended to be printed out and worked manually.   So if you're a tried and true paper and pencil sudoku worker, this site is for you!
    These puzzles are tough but not ridiculously hard.    In order to solve my daily puzzle, you're going to need to employ one or more advanced techniques like X Wings, XY Wings, Skyscrapers, Unique Corners, etc.   However, you will never need a crazy hard strategy like an XY Chain with a ridiculous number of links.  

    It is my intention to upload a new puzzle every day (hence the name).  Forgive me if I miss a day here and there.  

    For the curious, these puzzles come from a computer program that I wrote using VB.NET called (duh) MY SUDOKU PROJECT.  The interested programmer is invited to check out my source code at:

    If you're not familar with the advanced solving techniques, check out my tutorial here
    I welcome your comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc.    You can email me at:

     Happy puzzling!  Enjoy!

                          "Doc John" Musgrave