Doc's Daily Sudoku
    I publish two puzzles daily, a HARD puzzle and an EXTREME puzzle.  

    The HARD puzzles are tough but not ridiculously difficult.    In order to solve my daily hard puzzle, you're going to need to employ one or more advanced techniques like X Wings, XY Wings, Skyscrapers, Unique Corners, etc.   However, you will never need a crazy hard strategy like an XY Chain with a ridiculous number of links.  

     For those of you who thirst for harder puzzles, check out my EXTREME puzzles.  At some point, you will need to look for ALTERNATING INFERENCE CHAINS of various links, possibly several of them.  If this is your cup of tea, go for it!

     These puzzles are not interactive.  They were designed to be printed out and solved manually.  If you prefer to solve them online, just click on the puzzle or use the link below each puzzle.  That link will take you to the same puzzle online at   

     There is a HINTS button in case you are hopelessly stuck.  Use it as a last resort.  It will take you to the "road block" where one or more advanced solving strategies are required in order to continue.   The required advanced strategies will be displayed to the right of the puzzle.

     It is my intention to upload new puzzles every day (hence the name).  Forgive me if I miss a day here and there.  

    For the curious, these puzzles come from a computer program that I wrote using VB.NET called (duh) MY SUDOKU PROJECT.  The interested programmer is invited to check out my source code at (pending):

    If you're not familar with the advanced solving techniques, check out my tutorial here
    I welcome your comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc.    You can email me at:

     Happy puzzling!  Enjoy!

                          "Doc John" Musgrave