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2 String Kite

A 2 string kite is a technique that involves a single candidate (2 in thisexample) where:
  1. The candidate is found in the same box (shown in yellow)
  2. Each yellow cell must be strongly linked to another cell (shown in blue)
As a result, one of the blue cells must be a 2.  Any cell visible to both blue cells is a target (the slashed 2 in r6c2 in this example).

Note: the yellow 2's are strongly linked in this example but this is not required.  If they were weakly linked in box 2 (ie. there were three or more 2's in box #2) , the 2 string kite would still be valid.  In that case it would be possible that both blue cells could be 2's.

(A 2 string kite is also an  X Chain)

Here's another example:

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