Sudoku Tutorial
A squirmbag is a 5 by 5 version of a swordfish    Remember:

X-Wing       (2 by 2)
Swordfish   (3 by 3)
Jellyfish       (4 by 4)
Squirmbag  (5 by 5)

This squirmbag is defined in the columns, the eliminations are done in the rows
squirmbag.jpg In 5's in this example can be present 2,3,4, or 5 times
in each of the five columns.   

You'll never need a squirmbag but now you can say that you've seen one.

(You're better off with the X-wing of 5's in rows 1 and row 9.  There's also a swordfish and a jellyfish here but don't bother)
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