CSS Annouces No Future Upgrades to Manifest Master

Thank you to all of the fine DZ's around the world who have been using Manifest Master!  We're proud of the hundreds of
drop zones who have put it to use in their DZ's.  

Unfortunately, it's day has come and gone.  MM was written as a DOS program (even before Windows).  We haven't created
an update for MM since the Y2K upgrade (remember that term?).  Although we have continued to provide customer support,
there are no current plans to upgrade MM, mainly because there's no sense in upgrading our DOS product.  We had hoped to
begin work on a full Windows version of MM be we ran into some legal issues regarding program ownership so developement
of Windows Manifest Master came to a halt.  Future developement still remains uncertain.

We will still be here for you if you have trouble, but there won't be any updates.(upgrading a DOS program is
like putting a new hard drive in your old 386 computer).   For example, many Windows XP users are finding
that they can't print statements or manifests using MM.  We can't fix that problem.  Many users have actually gone back to using
Windows 2000/98 just so they can keep using Manifest Master.

Manifest Master is now shareware.  Download it, use it, distribute it (but don't sell it).