How do I restore a backup database?
Performing a RESTORE is easy.  You just tell PCM which database you want to use. 
Keep in mind that by doing this, you're telling PCM to use a previous database file.  Any data entered since creating that backup database will no longer exist. 
 From the MAIN MENU, select FILE, then OPEN.  You'll be presented a list of all your databases.  Select the desired database.
You'll be asked if you now want the selected database to be the DEFAULT database (ie. the file that will be automatically loaded at program start up).
That database will now be your current database - you have 'restored' it.   Actually you have just 'pointed' PCM in the direction of the desired database.
 The only problem now is that your main database file is called Backup00x.mdb.  That can get confusing. Its now your 'main' database file but it's still called Backup00x.mdb!   If you wish to change the name to something more obvious like MAIN.MDB  etc, do this:
Select the desired file BUT just single click on it (don't click OPEN yet).
Press F2 - You can now rename the file.  Be sure to leave the .MDB extention (this is critical).  Also the name must be unique (you can't have 2 files named MAIN.MDB)
 If you ever get lost in a sea of backup databases and can't remember which was used last, look a the file date by selecting DETAILS in the
file OPEN dialog box.
I just bought a new computer.  How can I move PCM to my new computer?
You will need to perform a new installation on your new computer.  You cannot merely copy the files (like PC.EXE) to your new system.

1.  On your new computer, download the installations files and any updates from our site at

You will need to download http://www.manifestmaster.com/pcm/PilotClub34a_Install.exe    as well as the latest update file

2.  Install PCM and run the update to the latest version.

3.  Run PCM.  Then, on the main menu, select MISC, then REGISTER PILOT CLUB MASTER.  You will need to enter the registration code that your received when you purchased PCM.    Contact us if you are unable to locate your registration code.  

4.  Now you will need to move your database files from you old system to your new one.   The database files are located in directory named:  
                                In Window XP:    
C:\Program Files\Pilot Club Master\DATA.  

                                In Windows 7 (or Vista):  
C:\Program Files(x86)\Pilot Club Master\DATA.  

If you installed PCM in a different directory other than the default directory, look for PILOT CLUB MASTER\DATA on your system.   

In the DATA directory, you'll find one or more files with the extension MDB.  Many of these will probably be backup files.  You should copy all these MDB files to a disk or flash drive and copy them to the 
C:\Program Files\Pilot Club Master\DATA directory on your new system.   

After you've copied the MDB files to the DATA directory on your new computer, run PCM..

The first time you run PCM on your new system, PCM will ask you to select which database file to use.

Finally, you will need to enter your program preferences.  Select MISC from the main menu and select PROGRAM OPTIONS.

Drop us an email  if you have any problems or questions  (click here to send email)