You can purchase the full registered version of WEIGHT AND BALANCE PDQ for just $49.
Step 1:  Download WEIGHT AND BALANCE PDQ  (trial version)
Step 2:  Register for just $49 (see below)
Step 3:  When you register, you will receive your authorization code via email.
Step 4:   Run WEIGHT AND BALANCE PDQ and enter your authorization code.
Step 5:   You're done!  
What if I don't register?

When you dowload the trial version of WEIGHT AND BALANCE PDQ, it is fully functional with two
These restrictions will be removed when you register.

So what to I get for my $49?

You will receive your authorization code via email (or smail mail if you insist).  There's nothing else to download. You will already have the full version of the program (it will run differently after you enter the code).    You don't need any disks, manuals, or anything else to keep track of.   If you buy a new computer in the future, just download WEIGHT AND BALANCE PDQ again and use your authorization code to run the registered version again.   You can contact us if you lose your registration number.

How do I register?
Attn: John Musgrave - WB PDQ   
835 Prospect Blvd
Waterloo, IA   50701