Sudoku Tutorial
XYZ wing

XYZ1.jpg In this example:
  • X = 4
  • Y = 5
  • Z = 1
An XYZ wing consists of:
  • A base (or pivot) where candidates XYZ are all present 
  • 2 bivalue cells (wings or pincers) visible to the base that contain XZ and YZ only.
  • 1 or more target cells that are visible to all three cells and contains candidate Z
Consider the base cell (blue).  If it is not a 1, it will force one of the wings to be a 1.  

One of the three cells must contain a 1.  Any cell visible to all three colored cells cannot contain a 1.   The 1 in r2c3 can be eliminated.  (cell r2c1 would also be another target cell if it were not already solved).

Click here for a comparison between XY wings and XYZ wings

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