VERSION 3.8   January 2016

Download Version 3.8  (click here)    (for both new installation or upgrade from previous versions)

Upgrading from previous versions:
If you are upgrading from a previous version of PCM, your current database files will still be present.  Just download version 3.8 and install it.

New users:
If this is a first time installation, you can use PCM for 180 free of charge.    Each time you run PCM, you'll be reminded of the amount of time remaining.  This is a full version of PCM without disabling any features.    Continued use beyond 180 days requires registration (click here to register).

Installing on a new computer:
If you are registered user and are installing PCM onto a new computer, you should still download version 3.8 and install it.  You will be able to import your database files from your old computer.  (click here for details)

Detailed installation instruction are here

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