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There are a serveral reasons that you might encounter this error:
  • If you are trying to run Manifest Master on a local area network, you can encounter this error. Sorry, you cannot run Manifest Master on a network.
  • In a multitasking environment like Windows 95, you could be running two or more Manifest Master sessions at the same time. Check your task bar at the bottom of the screen and make sure that you're not running more than one session simultaneously. Doing so will generate this error.
  • Your ACCOUNT.DBM file has mistakingly been changed to READ ONLY status. If you don't have a network and are not multitasking as described above, this is probably the problem. Here's how to fix it:



    If you're not already in DOS, go there (click on the MS-DOS icon or find MS-DOS on your START/PROGRAMS menu. Your Manifest Master files should reside in the C:\MANIFEST directory. You can get there by typing:


    Now type the following line EXACTLY as shown:


    (that's a minus sign before the letter R)

    Now run Manifest Master again. That should fix it.

    So, just what was the problem anyway? Ok. If you really want to get into the nuts and bolts of it, here goes: Your ACCOUNT.DBM file is vitally important. It contains all of your jumpers' account data including jumper data (addresses, etc) and all account activity for all accounts. We thought it would be really smart to protect that file against accidental erasure by storing it as a READ ONLY file. You cannot accidently delete or modify READ ONLY file. If you try to delete or edit it, you will receive a PERMISSION DENIED error. So we changed Manifest Master so that it changes your ACCOUNT.DBM file to READ ONLY status when you exit the program. Then, the next time you run Manifest Master, the first thing the program does it to remove the READ ONLY attribute. That way your ACCOUNT.DBM file will always be in READ ONLY status except when Manifest Master is actually running.

    That was the idea anyway. Unfortunately, the command to remove the READ ONLY attribute is a little flakey (OK, its alot flakey!). Sometimes, it doesn't work. When it doesn't work, your ACCOUNT.DBM file keeps its READ ONLY attribute. Then when you attempt to post a debit or credit to a jumper's account, you receive the ERROR 70 code. 

    That error is out of our hands (go complain to Bill Gates, he wrote BASIC). 

    The current version of Manifest Master version 4.2 and the new Manifest Master 2000 do not have this problem. That's because your ACCOUNT.DBM file is never in the READ ONLY status now. So, although you'll never see the PERMISSION DENIED error, your ACCOUNT.DBM file is vulnerable to deleting and editing at all times! So, protect your ACCOUNT.DBM file! Make a backup copy of this file every day!


If you have one or more accounts that are very long, specifically over 500 entries (we never thought that would happen but our users have proved us wrong), you may encounter this error. There are two ways to correct the problem:
  • First, just upgrade to Manifest Master 2000. This version allows an unlimited number of account entries per account. Besides, if you don't upgrade by Jan 1st, 2000, your current version of Manifest Master will no longer work.
  • If you insist on using your current version and need a quick fix now, you can delete some of the old data from the offending account. You encountered the OUT OF STRING SPACE error when you tried to access an account that contains over 500 entries. To delete some of the old account entries, go to the JUMPER ACCOUNTS MAIN MENU and locate the OPTIONS item. On that menu, find PURGE. Follow the on screen commands. You must select a date prior to which all data will be erased. The account balance will still be correct after purging data. If you're unwilling to erase the old account data, then upgrading to Manifest Master 2000 will allow you to access all accounts.

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