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What is Manifest Master?


1/2/2000 MANIFEST MASTER 2000 has been upgraded to version 1.2 (this corrects a problem in the DAILY MONEY SHEET) Download MM2KUP12.EXE

Manifest Master is a computer program written for skydiving operations. It was written in 1992 by John Musgrave. It was written for DOS (because that's all there was back then). It has evolved over the years from a simple computerized manifest to a sophisticated application which manages a jumper database and produces useful reports of jumper activity, mostly dollar amount related.

So when will we see Manifest Master for Windows 95/98? 

There are plans in the works to create a brand new product for all of our users! Loyalty demands it - and we intend to deliver it! We have a large customer base that uses our Manifest Master program and would like to provide them with the benefits of a Windows version! This should offer additional functionality and the nicer look and feel of Windows. Stay tuned to this site for additional updates!

So what is Manifest Master 2000? 

Customers keep using Manifest Master even though it is a mere DOS product. Last year we starting testing Manifest Master version 4.2 to see what would happen after 12/31/99. Its ugly! Really ugly! Even though we haven't added any new features to Manifest Master in the past few years, we decided that we needed to at least upgrade it to handle the year 2000 (i.e. the Y2K problem as its been named). 

So we created Manifest Master 2000. And it works. It works beautifully! Plus we did add a few bells and whistles to it, like the ability to blank the current manifest and to be able to change the date anytime. Otherwise, Manifest Master 2000 looks exactly like the current version. We've also fixed a couple of known bugs that have caused a few problems over the years.

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